Tragedy at Altitude :-(

Unfortunately all that happens at Altitude is not always joyful... This past Wednesday, August 24, 2016 the community of Telluride lost one of its most colorful and beloved individuals, "Gilder Bob Saunders". Bob was taken away from us while doing what he loved, soaring high above our San Juan Mountains.

For some yet to be determined reason Bob, a veteran Glider Pilot, and his passenger lost their lives when the motor gilder Bob was piloting crashed into Prospect Basin high above Telluride. We, and the community of Telluride will miss you Bob...

Telluride also had another tragic Loss when Longtime Telluride Local Kathy Bowers passed away unexpectedly on August 15, 2016 in Grand Junction Colorado. You would see always see Kathy and Husband Jim walking, and smiling around town. Both have been missed recently, since they were spending most of their time in Grand Junction. 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to both families, but especially to Kathy's Husband Jim, who we have known for 40 years. G-d Bless you all...


                                                       "Glider Bob" Saunders Rest In Peace

                                                  The "Zutler Brothers" Michael and David 


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